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Wet courts


We started our match today and the weather was a bit "iffy"...singles and 4 and 5 doubles played despite an occasional sprinkle. The courts were playable in everyone's opinions and the matches were completed. Some players in the 1-3 doubles positions were questioning whether their matches should be played. We waited and the threatening weather seemed to be getting better. However, one player from the visiting team kept insisting that the match should not be played and she would refuse to play if the courts were wet. The courts were not "wet" but I told her to wait for a few minutes more, that we really wanted to play the match. She insisted that if one player thought the courts were unplayable but everyone else thought they were safe, that the one person could refuse to play and the match must be rescheduled. Luckily for us, the weather cooperated and we were not forced to decide this issue--all matches were completed. However, if the other player had continued to refulse to play, the other captain and I were of the opinion that the player's refusal to play would result in a default. What should the procedure be in such a situation...who decides if the courts are safe and playable? Can one person "derail" the entire match? thanks


Any player has the right to refuse to play on a court they think is wet and unsafe. However, if they do it is not a default, the match would be considered a rainout and would be rescheduled...with the home court switching to visiting team.

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